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Abortion Was My
Birth Control

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Purchase my book about overcoming the hardships caused by abortion today!

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My Book

Abortion Was My Birth Control is about women who used abortion as a form of birth control and now suffer from Barron, depression, shame, guilt, and unforgiveness. It is also for men who endured the pain and fell between the cracks due to their partners having an abortion.

What I have written can also be used to discourage women who are planning to abort their babies and help Christians and married couples find solace after being spiritually abused for having an abortion. It talks about overcoming the direness that resulted from being forced raped, effects of molestation and sexual assault, as well as the experience of going through a back-alley abortion clinic and meeting with an abortion doctor.

This book includes testimonies from people to deliver a strong message for others who had the same experience. I wrote it to help men and women be redeemed and be set free from the bondage they’ve been through.

My book is available in Fort Worth, Texas and other places nationwide. Order now!

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